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  • ※ Please be sure to check the credit agreement in advance.
  • ※ Included fee: Liability Protection(LP)/Supplemental Liability Insurance(SLI)/Collision Damage Waiver(CDW)
    Personal Accident Insurance(PAI)/Excess Reduction Package (ERP)/Safety Package(SP)
    ※ Our vehicles are covered by insurance and other compensation with the limit shown on the above.
    However, please note you will be responsible for all the amount and damages if you fall under the following accident which is exceeding the upper limit of compensation system, being applicable to the deductible amount of the insurance policy disclaimer, being in violation of rental agreement, or/and not able to obtain
    a police accident certificate.
  • For security of driver(s) and passenger(s), people up to number of seat belts can be seated inside the rental vehicle. Please do not sit on seats which have no seat belts, which may be exist inside in some buses, cargo vans and etc.
  • We only accept credit card.
  • Please be aware that we will separately charge a different penalty fee in advance if you do not return the car without contacting us until the end of contract period.
  • You will incur a charge 25,000 yen at the time if you get a parking ticket. Please be sure to pay the prescribed procedure and penalty fee before returning and submit the receipt upon return.
  • They all include tax.
  • Because we will lend you a car with full tank, please return it with the same condition. If you can not return the car with filling up the tank, you need to pay the conversion fee decided by us. You will be responsible for all the re-paring costs due to fuel type mistake, wrecker trunk costs, operating compensation. Please bring us your receipt of gas when you return the car to make sure the gas type.If you refueled a different type of gas, you would you take responsible to purchase a bottle of Octane Booster, \1,620.
  • If a vehicle requires repair or cleaning due to a traffic accident, theft, break down, defacement, or other causes not attributable to Spice car rental. the customer may be charged an NOC as part of the compensation for loss of use during the repair or cleaning of the vehicle. (30,000 yen~300,000 yen)