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Q.What kind of booking methods do you have ?

A.We have online (https://spice-tmw.com), telephone (+555-75-2486),and direct visit reservation
to our store.

Q. Can I borrow a car with an international driver’s license?

A.We will make sure if you have international driver’s license issued by a country which is the
Geneva Convention member and show your passport. If you have an internatonal permit issued
by Switzland, Germany, France, Belgium, Slovagia, Monaco, and Taiwan, you can borrow a car.
However, it is necessary to be ready for Japanese translation of your license and your passport.

Q. How is the rental procedure do?

A.There are some steps: explain and sign the contract and the pledge letter, payment, check the
vehicle together, explain the car operation, etc. It takes approx. 15to30 minutes so that please
visit us earlier than your depature time.

Q. is it possible to extend the rental time?

A.Yes, it is if your car is not already reserved by different customer after your use. You need to
pay for an extra fee when you return the car.We may not respond to your request depending on
situations of other costomers. therefore, please contact us immediateky if you would like to
extend the use time. You will pay us a penalty fee if you do not contact us.

Q. Do you have any cancellation policy?

A.Yes, we do. You need to pay 30% of basic charge if you cancell before 3-5 days from the
departure date, 50% of the charge before 1-2 days from that of the date, 100%basic fee if you
cancell on the departure day.

Q. Do you have a USB tarminal that can be connected to i-pod or i-phone, or Bluetooth function in your car?

A.Yes, but some vehicles do not have the fanctions. Please let us know if you need those
fanctions at the time of reservation.

Q. Are your car navigation systems correspond to foreign languages?

A.Currently, our car navigation systems are only available for Japanese. Smartphone holder is
available for you which we lend you free so that you can use your phone as a navigation if
needed. Please be noted that using smartphone during driving are prohibited unter the
Japanese law.

Q.In case of an accident, what kind of payment I will need to pay by myself?

A.If the accident happens, you will be asked for the following:①insurance exemption, ②damage
exceeding compensation by insurance, ③business compensation fee. Three are the burden of
the customer. If you participate in “Exemption from indemnity system”, ① will be exempted.